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For some people, life is a competition with time. Perhaps because time is considered an enemy, for time eventually will lead us to death.

Some of them think they can trick it by moving slowly. Stagnancy stretches the day, making it seem longer. Meaning might be lost on the way, but who cares, for it is less important than convenience. They hide in routines and let the time be veiled by comfort.

Others think moving fast will beat time. They believe that the meaning of life is scattered in the pieces of the so-called accomplishments, and by achieving them, they acquire the full meaning of life. They believe at the end of the day, satisfaction will override time,

Both, in fact, will arrive in the end feeling exhausted. Rushing is exhausting, stagnancy is exhausting—both drain the soul in different ways, but with the same result nonetheless.

Meaning lies in time. Each second bears a meaning of its own, if only one knew. Time is not something to compete with—it is something to embrace, even if it carries death with it. Living with the thought of avoiding death is a useless life.

Only those who understand death know the truth about living.

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