“When the topic is needed the speech will appear.” ~ James Rubart (author and speaker)

I’m not a speaking-type of person, ….  :p well, okay, let me rephrase that a bit…..I can be a bit talkative sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I can speak comfortably in front of audience, especially a large one. And what I mean by ‘large’ is less than 30 people…. above that, I’ll use the term ‘huge’. Above ‘huge’, I use the word ‘gigantic’.

Speaking, just like writing, is just another mean of communication, to convey messages to the audience or readers. The problem with speaking, in my opinion, is the lack of time to rethink the way to convey them. In writing, thanks to the computer and the long-gone typewriter, I can always re-read, review, edit what I want to say, then make another pass before finally put it wide in the open.

But that’s not the case in speaking. In only split second, words are being spilled without the golden chance to review. And things said cannot be recalled.

Despite my so-called hatred to speak in front of public, I have found myself standing in front of  large audience several times. The fact that my hands are cold like those of a dead corpse (*uhm.. never touch one, by the way) is really killing me. I am fully aware that my hands should not behave like that, but I can’t do anything to prevent that from happening (not to mention my shaking knees and my trembling voice!). Thus, when an opportunity to speak in front of audience presents herself, I tell myself to get a grip on myself and not be conquered by fear, and always say yes………..and deal with my regret later, when I actually am standing in front of the room holding a microphone.

From the not-so-many experience of speaking, I learn two things. First, I like sharing what I know, as best as I can. And I’m starting to believe on the quote above: the speech did appear when the topic was needed. Second, I found myself talking passionately about finding passion in life 🙂 I believe it is mostly triggered by my favorite book that talk about the same thing, the legendary The Alchemist.

I guess my journey in conquering the speaking demon will still be a looong way ahead, but worth the try.


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  1. maria

    Hi my name is chrystha, I want to ask when the novel “eiffel tolong” published?

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