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When I leave this world…

Not sure if this is eligible to be called a poem, but anyway, here it is.
When I leave this world….
When I leave this world
I will blend myself with His blessings
that fall upon the world
Upon you
His blessings never cease
Hidden beneath tears and laughters
Disguised as friends and foes
Present in every single breath of the universe
Each ray of sunlight that touches your skin
Every breeze of wind that swirls on your face
All the waving leaves that greet you softly
Will contain me
Smile to the universe and you will smile to me
Dive into His blessings and you will know,
that for better or worse,
I never leave you
(CF, June 2012)

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In ignorance,
Love vaporizes
Replaced by specles of dust

In emptiness,
sweet turns to sour
And bitter cannot be distinguished
For it becomes the tongue

In silence,
Thirst is excruciating
More eternal than death

-jakarta, 02/12/11-

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