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Excerpt from the Introduction of ‘The Secret of Secret’

I found an interesting passage in a book titled ‘The Secret of Secret’.

The Secret of Secrets

Before we discuss the content of the book, I just want to say that this book is one of the example where I couldn’t refrain myself from clicking the magical ‘Add Cart’ button in Amazon. *sigh*

I was sitting nicely reviewing some nice emails from friends, with my credit card safely sit in my wallet, untouched, while suddenly I spotted an email from Amazon, which said, “Hi Clio, you might be interested in these books…” At almost the same time as my eyes digesting what I read, my ears heard something else: a touching cry from my wallet, “Please, use me….” *double sigh*

Well, at this moment, I just count on the old saying that knowledge is a precious stone. And judging from what I read so far, I don’t regret my decision to buy it (although it would be better if a generous n handsome prince donates it to me…..).

Anyway, the interesting passage that I mentioned talks about how human has the responsibility to understand the true purpose behind his/her creation. God has created each human as a unique individual with specific gifts and potentials. Thus, each one of us will be held accountable for that, personally, in front of God.

What I found interesting is to know that the knowledge of ourselves will finally bring the realization of God in our heart.

Here we go……

“It is necessary for each individual to understand the nature and range of his potential gift. Only then can he know his actual relationship with the universe and his Creator and fulfil his trust, the function of viceregency (*khalifah) that he has accepted. And only then can he realize the true meaning and significance of the divine ordinances brought by the Holy Prophet.

Without this understanding, there is a danger that the teachings of religion may remain only an external dress, to be adhered to outwardly but not activated inwardly. When this happens, the practice of religion turns into a rule of customs and conventions and the presence of Allah within the heart is not realized.”

That was just part of the introduction, by the way. I just started reading it, so I guess it will be a loooong read…..

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