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Imperfection vs Compassion

God does not create different kinds of paths because He is imperfect, nor because those He created are incomplete, but because He is compassionate. He creates human in many different ways, not even two are identical, because He is infinite and His creative power is unlimited. He, the compassionate, ensures that we, human, will find our own path back to Him, hence, He creates many paths that we can follow – our souls respond to paths that are meant for our souls.

The path we choose is the truth for us, but it does not exclude the existence of other truths beyond ours – our minds are limited, His is unlimited. Respecting other paths is not a denial of the truth of our path, nor is it a betrayal of our path, but it reflects our humility in front of His Greatness, that He is beyond our perception.

Claiming the truth for ourselves and bordering it according to our belief and perception is an act of vanity, for we try to shape Him instead of letting Him shapes us – we pretend to be God without knowing His will upon us.

When our hearts have finally been subdued to His Absolute Will and Love, we will not question the existence of other paths than ours, because we have seen His presence everywhere and have realized that there is not a single path which is not His path, for He is all.

Later, we will realize that the path we thought we have chosen is not actually our choice – again, it was an act of vanity because we did not understand, an innocent ignorance. He has chosen it for us, for He knows us very well and understands our need.

(Praise Allah, the all-compassionate, the most merciful – Jan 2012)

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